Before and After


Exterior property maintainance

Time2Shine can complete all exterior property maintainance or prepaint preparation work including.

Soft Wash 

Our team at Time2Shine will wash all your exterior surfaces (brick, weatherboard, fibro etc) with our special Soft Wash Solution and low-pressure equipment. 

We can reach into areas, which are normally impossible. 

We Soft Wash gutters, fascias, eaves, external doors, windows and frames, external walls, gable ends, garage, and verandas, decks.

Our Soft Wash Solution gets rid of mould, grime, dirt and cobwebs extending the life of your costly paintwork.  


High Pressure Cleaning

Unsightly grime can be removed from brick, stone and concrete surfaces enhancing their natural beauty. 

Decks, fences, driveways and paths can be pressure cleaned making them less slippery and dangerous


Window Cleaning

Request an expert blade finish for a professional window finish.


Roof Treatment

Chemical or high pressure roof treatments available depending on customer requirements. Ideal Treatments also available for to improve lighting by cleaning Clear lite, sunporch, Skylights. We even clean Solar Panels